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Bill is an English-native - Japanese-fluent speaking Entrepreneur, CEO, High-Tech Founder and Mentor capitalizing on over 30 years’ running consulting and technology companies in Japan, the UK and now the US.

After receiving his first of several Black-Belts in Karate & Martial Arts Weaponry, Bill moved to Japan in 1986 to train further in Martial Arts. There he quickly became highly proficient in the language while gaining deep insights into traditional and business culture. In 1990, Bill founded the first of several successful start-ups and through skillful pragmatic planning and organization built powerful teams for each business unit.

As a high-tech entrepreneur, Bill has been the main architect for concept, design and development of over ten multilingual web-based business applications for both vertical and horizontal markets, and another twelve web-based solutions for Short-term Anxiety & Stress Relief. All solutions are multilingual for users and organizations worldwide, and each includes options for those with a variety of visual challenges such as color-deficiency disorder, dyslexia, Irlen syndrome, and high or low contrast requirements.

Currently, Bill, supported by his teams, continues to grow his business interests while advising and mentoring senior executives in both domestic and multinational business environments. His recent projects include due diligence preparation for getting funding for startups or sale of business, high-tech initiatives with start-up considerations and go-to-market strategy for increasing sales and reducing costs. Other projects and solutions have included SEO/Digital marketing, IT/Cyber Security, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC), Moves & Relocations, Armored logistics, Legal Case Management and more.

Through Bill’s experience and skills in business and psychology, he has taken business and personal development to the next level, gaining a reputation for unlocking clients’ true potential and motivating them to become the highly-successful leaders they were meant to be. He leverages his unique cross-range of professional proficiencies to provide unparalleled international expertise for his clients who range from senior executives, corporate teams, pro athletes, music recording artists, film/TV actors and celebrities that want to reach their full potential, or increase and maintain their abilities for better and more enjoyable success.

As a fluent communicator in Japanese, Bill conducts business correspondence regularly with his Japanese clients and associates. He also has key contacts and a wide network in North America, Europe and the Far-East. This multinational network provides Bill and his clients with ready access to global markets across a whole range of products and services.