Coaching & Consulting

Bill provides Consulting, Coaching and Orientation with a High-level of international expertise for improving Executive Performance and Personal Effectiveness for C-Class Executives, High-level Management, Celebrities, Entertainers, Singers & Rock Stars, Actors and Professional Fighters.


If you have ever thought, "I want better progress, more confidence, but I'm not sure how to get it." then Bill can help you. When you are frustrated or burnt-out, Bill can be the outside expert or motivator to help you make fundamental changes leading to a better work and private life.

Executive Coaching
  • Gain clarity in your vision and improve leadership performance

  • Discover new ways to achieve long-term success

  • Learn Skills for implementing complex organisational change

  • Develop new techniques to resolve old problems

  • Achieve balance between work and private life

  • Learn coping strategies for the stage, screen, catwalk or in the ring

Management Consulting
  • Team leadership strategies

  • Engagement and integration of new high-level/key staff

  • Business Development & Growth Strategy Planning

  • High-tech infrastructure, IT & cyber-security Planning

  • Japanese business practices, negotiation skills & tactics

Bill is not impacted by your decisions, your wins or losses. He is there to offer real-time unbiased feedback for improvement in leadership and success. To start your own personal journey towards greater success contact Bill now!