Mike Kujanek - Circle.png
Mike Kujanek

Founder & CEO at Magnitude Digital - New York

I've had the pleasure to work with Bill since 2016, while he has served as a Senior Advisor to Magnitude Digital. As a Senior Advisor, Bill has helped mentor me and other members of our agency's executive team on key interpersonal and business matters to help shape our continued growth. Bill is an incredibly astute, trustworthy, reliable, and genuine professional who means and does as he says. I can rely on Bill's input to be objective and invaluable especially during those times when you need honest and candid feedback the most.

Bill's level of experience as well as business acumen and insight is impressive and something I personally strive to achieve as a personal goal. I truly look forward to continuing my work with Bill in many capacities over the coming years. I am grateful for his commitment to Magnitude Digital, my personal development, and of course, a great friendship as well.

Jeff Shimamoto - Circle.png
Jeffrey Shimamoto

General Counsel, Head of Corporate Legal & Int'l Business Development - Tokyo

Bill has all the tools for being a successful business person: patience, grit, perseverance, intelligence and work ethic. His evolution during his time in Southern California has been nothing short of amazing. Bill has handled all of the tasks that I have worked with him on in a very professional manner and the results have been outstanding. It has been a pure pleasure working with him and spending time getting to know him as a person. I recommend Bill wholeheartedly.

Yugo Asai - Circle.png
Yugo Asai

Former President of Brinks Japan

President TRI - Consulting, Japan Market Entry, Business Support Services - Tokyo

I have known and worked with Bill for the past 20 years. Simply put, Bill is a trustworthy, reliable entrepreneur who always thinks of his client and others around him first.

Bill and his team has built and supported IT infrastructure of the past four companies that I have worked for, and always delivered excellent results. Bill has also been my personal mentor and coach, and has helped me overcome many challenges throughout my career, even when he himself was going through much tougher situations.

Recently I started my own business and once again, Bill has offered me his support even before asking. Bill's entrepreneurship enlightens me more than ever, and I hope for those of you who are considering to engage with Bill on business and/or personal matter will find the opportunity to meet him in person and experience the same.

Haresh Kirpalani - Circle.png
Haresh Kirpalani

Director at Team Service (UK), Ltd - UK

Bill is able to convert ideas into action. He is able to formulate a business strategy and is resourceful enough to bring together a team to pursue it. He has not only started and managed several businesses but has also coached and advised many company presidents to lead successful companies.

Leyton Cleveley - Circle.png
Leyton Cleveley

CEO at Team Service (UK), Ltd - UK / Advisor • Entrepreneur • Startup Enthusiast

I have known Bill for over 10 years, and we have worked together on a number of projects. He has proved himself time and again to be reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable and have a tremendous grasp of business that makes anything he touches become successful.

He is a valuable member to have on any business project you are considering and in fact, I am now the CEO of one of the companies Bill started and proud to be a partner.

Martin Damours - Circle.png
Martin d’Amours

President at Avensys Solutions inc.- Canada

I've had the chance to have Bill in my business network for over 10 years now, first as the Japanese partner for our Canadian software venture, then as a business friend and colleague. When I think UK or Japan for a business question or opportunity, I invariably refer to Bill, and I know that through our various business ventures our paths will continue to cross at regular intervals.

Peter Faulkner - Circle.png
Peter Faulkner

IT Solutions Leader at Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation - Tokyo

Bill and I worked together back in the early 1990’s and the question is not 'why would you work with Bill', but 'why wouldn’t you?'. For over 25 years he's been building companies and doing it very well.

John Duley - Circle.png
John Duley

Channel / Alliance Manager at Dell - Tokyo

I have known Bill for more than 20 years. We've worked together on a number of projects for the last 6 years. Bill is very professional and easy to work with. He is reliable, responsible, and a very savvy business manager. I have always enjoyed working with Bill and would highly recommend him on both professional and personal levels. His complete understanding for international business needs makes this man one of the best people to have develop secure platforms for your business.

Terry Warren - Circle.png
Terry Warren

President at Advantage 24K.K. (Inc.) - Tokyo

I have known Bill since 2009 and found him to be both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about business and Japan. Bill's honesty and integrity shines through along with his commitment to his customers. I look forward to working more with Bill in the future and have no hesitation in recommending Bill to others.

Brent Reichow - Circle.png
Brent Reichow

CEO at Blueshift Data Protection (Inc.) - Tokyo

I've worked with Bill on a number of projects over the years and have always found him to be a very knowledgeable business person. He possess a high degree of integrity and is an excellent business consultant. I look forward to working with Bill on other projects in the future.

Steve McNulty - Circle.png
Steve McNulty

CEO of Several Health, Wellness and Fitness Organization - UK

Bill is someone you want with you when you're in the trenches. Honest, loyal, challenging and always with your best interests at heart. You can really trust him and his people to perform for you.

Bill's had the worst of tough times recently and I'm pleased to see him operating fully again and helping others achieve their objectives.

If you're thinking of working with Bill - do it - you won't regret it.

Stephen Jay - Circle.png
Stephen Jay

Former Regional Manager, North America at HansaWorld

Bill has a great grip of modern technology, and how to deliver customer value through its application. He's truly multi-cultural, and open to new ideas, which are great strengths in today's economic conditions

John Sachen - Circle.png
John Sachen

Director, Asia-Pacific & Japan Country Manager at GenISys Gmb - Tokyo

Bill is dependable and highly professional. When he commits to something, it gets done above and beyond the expectation, no questions asked.

Kelly Moller - Circle.png
Kelly (Moller) Milburn

Leadership Development and Coaching Specialist at Camden 360 Communications – UK

Bill has an enormous capacity to think beyond the small stuff and challenges small time thinking. He has integrity, is loyal and is a joy to work with.

David Flanigan - Circle.png
David Flanigan

Retail Supply Chain Consultant - USA

Bill's strong technical background and overall business understanding enable our company to develop an infrastructure which integrates various other companies data into a working solution that is a key support offering for us.

Paul Hallyburton - Circle.png
Paul Hallyburton

Senior Associate at Consulting Associates International Inc. (CAI) - USA

I have worked with Bill on a number of projects in Japan. His blessing and his curse is he is about ten years ahead of everyone. Everything he was recommending as the future in 2004 is common place now. I only wish I had taken his advice on more decisions on technology. It is also so unusual to find someone with Bill’s technical ability to have such a strong fundamental business and market development skill. Above all is Bill's basic honesty and integrity, he has never failed to meet any commitment he has made even if it is to his detriment.

Jacinta Hin - Circle.png
Jacinta Hin

Staffing, Coaching & Development Professional - Tokyo

Bill is one of the most genuine people I know who will only deliver the best to his customers. With each project he is fully committed to his client's success. Loyal, easy and fun to work with and deeply knowledgeable in his field, he creates results with heart.

Bernie Edlington - Circle.png
Bernard Edlington

President at Toneplus Animation Studios - Tokyo

Bill has been in charge of developing a secure and multilingual groupware platform which in my opinion is one of the best in its class.

His complete understanding for international business needs makes this man one of the best people to have develop secure platforms for your business

Kevin Laye - Circle.png
Kevin Laye

Owner, Progress Therapy and Cameltrain - UK

Bill I have known for close to thirty five years now and have seen him grow a flourishing creative business from nothing. Bill has the focus, determination and courage to succeed for himself and for anyone wise enough to seek, and utilise his services and skill sets. He is totally honorable and diligent in his work ethic, to enable those he works with to achieve their optimal outcomes. I recommend Bill unreservedly.

Kevin Nairne - Circle.png
Kevin Nairne

Former Snr Partner Manager at EMC - UK / Business Owner at Kelcies Limited - UK

Bill is one in a million. I always say they broke the mold when they made Bill. He is one of the most honest, trustworthy & loyal people I know. Bill has some unique skills, apart from being able to flip between Japanese and English, he has a fantastic 6th sense. He is brilliant at getting to the nub of what’s going on in your mind and then being able to offer advice and sometimes a solution. Bill is always positive and optimistic. I am pleased to say I literally bumped into Bill on a plan to Spain, it was the start of a great friendship which I value greatly. I would have no hesitation in hiring Bill.

Esteban Miyashiro - Circle.png
Esteban Miyashiro

Country Manager - IT Director- CISA-CISSP-CISM-ABCP

Business Continuity Planner - Data Center University Associate- Tokyo

Bill's strong technical background and overall business understanding enable our company to develop an infrastructure which integrates various other companies data into a working solution that is a key support offering for us.

Martin Cox - Circle.png
Martin Cox

Owner at MCA Breslins (Accounting & Financial Services) - UK

Bill is incredibly intelligent & insightful. He has a great enthusiasm and zest and is full of ideas.

Jason Altobelli - Circle.png
Jason Altobelli

Principal Consultant, Cloud Services at Verizon Terremark - USA

Bill was a client of mine and we developed a great relationship while I supported his account. Bill has deep technical and business prowess, as well as great communication skills in English and Japanese.

In our interactions, what impressed me most was his preoccupation with his customers: their wants, their challenges, and all the interesting things he helped them accomplish with his services. It's clear his customers are number one in his mind.

*People providing these endorsements may have changed jobs and titles since they were received.